For anyone using the Forex trading software provided by Fap Turbo, there is an essential step that must be taken to ensure the software works at its maximum potential. That step requires finding a broker. There are two important things anyone using FT must look for in a broker. First is a broker that uses the Metatrade 4 platform (M4P) and secondly, a broker with an excellent reputation.

Finding a broker may be the last thing a person wants to do, especially since they bought the software thinking all they have to do is a minimum setup and sit back and watch the as the software makes a profit for them. After all, this is what FT promises to its customers. Finding the right broker can be hard, especially one that is reputable. FT helps take the work out of finding a broker for its members.

According to the FT website, the company is constantly working to build relationships with brokers and provides a list of brokers for members to choose from. Using an FT recommended broker is not required. Independent Forex brokers must welcome and support FT clients. Anyone looking for a broker that supports FT must do their research.

There are a lot of websites that claim to help FT members find a reputable broker. Though some of these websites are honest and legitimate, many are not and have only their own interests in mind. Furthermore, a majority of these websites are not affiliated with FT in any way even though the company name may appear in the URL or on the website.

Before hiring any broker it is best for the FT member to do a check for themselves on the broker. Finding a website to check the broker is easy. Both the broker and firm should be checked to ensure they are both legitimate, professional and have no complaints or lawsuits filed against them. Use a search engine and type in the keywords “check broker background” to find an appropriate website.

Currently, the FT website is recommending an FXCBS broker and provides a link to check out the firm. The brokerage firm accepts FT members and supports M4P. All trading is anonymous and the broker does not earn a profit when the client takes a loss. The brokerage offers liquidity and inter-bank prices, spreads with 0.1 pips, and spreads that are competitive on FT’s trading pairs. Mini-lots trading are offered with a 10,000 base currency, no re-quotes are offered, and scalping is allowed. Support offered by this brokerage is 24/5.

Again, this brokerage firm is being recommended through FT on their website. A spread history of FXCBS is available as well as a spread with recent FT trading results.

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