Sometimes, whenever you have a problem, Hostgator wants to see a picture, or screen shot. A screen shot is a picture of your screen so Hostgator support can see what is happening.

To take a screen shot, go to where you are having the problem, and hit the PrtScn button. Then, open up a Photoshop, Paint or Illustrator program. If you use Windows, go to Start all Programs, click on Accessories and then click on Paint.  Go up to the menu and click on Edit and then Paste, or press Control and V at the same time. Click File and then click on Save as. Change your file type to either PNG or JPG. Give the file a name, and choose an easy location like your desktop and click Save. Attach the file to your e-mail to Hostgator, or try uploading it to your public_html folder and tell Hostgator the file’s name. You can use a Hostgator coupon to get you started.

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